A Shorter "Day" | A Photo An Hour

I kept my promise, i have been doing a photo an hour every month, even though i forgot what day it was so i started it at 2:30 instead of when i woke up... so here is my shorter photo and hour.

2:30 Eating lunch...
3:30 Drawing my most wanted tattoos on my wrists
4:30 Driving to Manhattan.
5:30 Listening to my dad's stories.
6:30 Going to eat at Famous Dave's... bad idea for a vegetarian.
7:30 Finally eating!!! they have THE BEST fries!!
8:30 Looking at cars for our travels.
9:30 Dropped my Dad and siblings at the movies and went shopping with my Mom!
10:30 eating wonderful, wonderful Gelato from Target! i strongly suggest trying it! just don't eat the whole thing. i made that bad choice!


  1. nice, i've been thinking about doing one of those photo an hour things but it would be end up all of me studying and pictures of my cats. ugh, summer is soon!
    love your blog, by the way :) i'm following you now on bloglovin and looking forward to more posts.

    1. I have to always pick "special" days or it's just super boring! haha!! i would love to read yours if you did one!!

  2. Can I just say that your Dad looks super amazing.
    He's someone I would strike up a conversation with if I saw him, or I would be petrified to even approach him(I'm stupid shy sometimes.)
    His dreads are uh-mazing. >_>

    1. He is super amazing!
      it's fun walking around with him, because i see all the stares he gets, while he doesn't notice at all!
      he loves talking to people! i did not get that trait from him, i tell ya!


Thanks for letting me know whats on your mind! I love to hear it! :)

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