So, i am a very NON athletic person! if i were in school i would be in musicals vs. any sport. not that I have anything against sports, my body does. My favourite "fantasy" is, me getting hit in the head with a ball, and passing out on the field. i have no clue why that vision is so hilarious to me,but it is. Every monday night our church softball league plays with the other churches in the area. let's just say, the other churches hand pick their players, while our church has an open invitation. everyone says we suck. haha. it may or may not be true. 
guess what?!?!?! 
I ACTUALLY HIT THE BALL! multiple times! it was sweeeeeet!!!!

My favourite!


  1. i LOVE this. give a cheer for the presbys for me!

    1. Aw!! It was fun! But we miss you terribly! ❤


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