{mind my potty mouth...}

As My mind drew a blank, and My hands temporarily stopped working, I thought "shit, I have no clue, whatsoever, on how to write a song!"
I sat there for almost an hour playing poor sounding chords over and over, waiting for a sudden idea to strike. I just kept singing depressing words about Sybil and Branson from Downton Abbey, then it became this song of complete rage and it was all because of an obsession with a soap opera. Then I get this text from Hope that read "Holy. Mother effing goodness. Episode 4. I wanna go die." I knew exactly what she was talking about. I ran out of the room, showed my mom the text with tears running down my face from laughing so hard, called her, had a good ol' rant... and went right back to writing. Usually I love writing... except for when I get stubborn and feel like I need to finish something, then it all goes down hill, and that's why I've only finished writing one song and that was with my mom's help.
Then suddenly I got this melody and then the words came with it, then the chords flung out from under my nails, and now that song is done.
I guess all I really need is a funny text from a friend to light my brain fire.

(Also, If your looking for words of wisdom, instead of goof... go here> A Reckless Love)

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Thanks for letting me know whats on your mind! I love to hear it! :)

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