"You're wearing patchouli!!"

I am a bunny.
My name is Nicholas.
I live in a hollow tree.
In the spring, I like to pick flowers.
In the summer, I listen to the insects buzzing and humming.
In the fall, I like to watch the leaves falling from the trees.
And, when winter comes, I watch the snow falling from the sky.
Then I curl up in my hollow tree and dream about spring.

Sometimes I want to be that cartoon bunny. Take it all in. But instead I'm just waiting for something to happen. I'm not as patient as that little guy,  I sit around waiting for something exciting and adventurous to happen, searching for someone to share it with. Waiting for Jesus to tap me on the shoulder and say, "Let's do this!!" and put me on his majestic shoulders and fly me to Germany... or just Alabama. When I'm really just waiting for myself. Waiting for me to get off of my ass and go outside, at least. Waiting to get the motivation to get off Instagram and Vine and show the world my pale face.
Well, that's how I felt last week.. then I got a call from my Aunt, and she said "Jaydinn! Hailey, Katie and I were all just talking and we were wondering if you could work out something and come to bama for the week?!" I barely had any time to even get excited, next thing I was sitting next to a man on a plane who was talking about my Patchouli.

"Hi, I think that's my seat."
"This one?"
Obviously "Yes..."

"That's patchouli!!"
"You!! You're wearing it!"
"Oh... yeah!"
"I'm glad"
what the heck?
"I'm glad... I'd much rather smell that than someones funky body odor!!"
"Oh, haha. yeah, this is just covering up my own!"
(insert extremely awkward chuckles)

I splashed coke on the poor man's iPad.
Because, duh! That's my talent!

After the plane landed, I called my mom and told her what was happening, kept her on the phone, ordered terrible coffee, and proceeded to sit and sip for ten minutes. Juggling calls between my friends searching the Atlanta airport for me and my poor stressed out mother, I stayed seated, scared that if I got up, I'd instantly be forced into an awkward conversation with one of the many teenagers surrounding me. Hailey finally got it through to me that they couldn't get passed security, or in her words,
"The man won't let us!!"
  So I set out on My mini trek... all alone, but not scared for some reason.
I started walking, My coffee between My bent elbow and chest, heavy and growing heavier every second suitcase on My other arm and My phone between My cheek and shoulder.
I had at least walked a mile by this point, following the NEVER ENDING arrows, and then I reach an escalator, the longest one I've ever seen... and I instantly turned into Buddy The Elf. I stood at the top of that thing, no balance to speak of (then) for about a minute. Then I took a wonky step and almost fell down the whole thing... I looked around and at least a dozen rich, suited people were staring at me, and then I just busted out laughing and sweating.
After I got my balance back, I tuned in my ears to something other than my pulse, and realized I had no clue where I was going. So i started following this trustworthy (Hah!) looking man talking on the phone about hiring models,  I could tell from his body language that he was now just as confused as me. He turned around and for some reason I didn't follow him. I kept following the unmarked arrows through the tube and escalators until I realized everyone around me was speaking different languages, I looked around and there were security guards everywhere, patting people down, I looked up and saw the sign 'International Baggage Claim', I said some satisfying words under my breath, and turned around, back on the tube, now full of people, feeling like I was alone in Europe and juggling three calls at once. an hour and a half an airport later, I finally spotted them. We got in the car and I peeled my sweat soaked sweater off and had a nice time in Ikea, following tatted dudes in shorts (not the usual in ol' ks) and had some sweet swede food.

After the most heart filling weekend, I'm back at Nomad's, writing at 3:00 a.m. and listening to my old favorite Andrew Peterson. This computer is at 15% and I want chocolate.


  1. this is an incredible post. makes me smile so much! love you chica!

  2. i just love you. end of story.


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