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So, please comment and tell me if you enjoy these posts at all or if you just pass over them.
I love sharing my musical taste with y'all, i'm passionate about music, and most of the music i share on here are the songs songs that touch my heart or make me wanna dance. i really hope you enjoy it. but if not. too bad, because here is three more songs.

Josh Garrels- Ulysses. this is one of my favourite songs by him, not because i don't like jesus music. but i like when "Christian" artists sing songs about the different kind of love he gave us. this song is so sweet!!!

Bon Iver- Flume. Oh dear goodness!!!!! i can never get enough of him! he just makes me want to cry... and cry... and cry.

First Aid Kit- Tiger Mountain Pheasant Song/Fleet Foxes Cover. i think they are great! their harmonies are fabulous! i have a little obsession with them right now!

Really hope you enjoyed listening!!


  1. I love your musical mondays!!!
    and never skip them!

    oh! and you said dear goodness! haha i say that!

    1. Better be thankful that i didn't say other things you say ;) kidding!

      thank you!!!! i love your Music Monday!!!!

  2. ahahahahah!! your so right!


Thanks for letting me know whats on your mind! I love to hear it! :)

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