Snaps... Coffee House

This is from LAST wednesday, usually i'm loads better at posting pretty much the day i do something... but today i'll pretend like it was last night.

This is what i had to be for a game we played. a big, fat, blog of a man creature.

This picture was because i had just deleted all my pictures from my camera after uploading them, and i hate when i look and my camera says "No Photos" it erks me, so i always take a little random photo to fill it up.

CHOCOLATE MUSHROOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aren't they the cutest?!?!?!?!

My nutty youth pastor took my camera and started to take pictures of his wife talking... then he decided to take one of my grease ball head.

A Drinkable S'More... it was quite good!

Hannah drew Russia! haha!
there was my random post for the day.


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