Alabama... Yay!

So, This week is THE THIRD PILGRIMAGE!!!!! (post 1 2 (kinda) 3... yet to be posted) I am beyond excited to see everyone and walk another 45 miles. 
We left after church yesterday, and have been driving non stop since.
The ride up the drive way was the longest ride ever! i was trying to stay cool, but i seriously felt like i was going to barf! Now, i just have one day before everyone comes...
I'm so anxious! at this moment i'm sitting on a school bus, blogging and listening to The Avett Brothers new album.
I figured out something amazing on my camera. i can finally take videos longer than 5-8 seconds! So i'll be taking lots of little videos, and i"ll put it together at the end of the walk.
I'm hoping it will be magical looking!
be expecting many, many pictures also.
speaking of pictures... here are my instagrams from the trip down.
Packing...This was the organized bag... I also brought another full suitcase, and big bag of shoes, my backpack with A LOT, my travel bag and my purse... i am not a light packer in the least.

This is just half of it...

Okay, so i asked my mom if she could make me a cowl scarf... and within and hour and a half, it was done. she is amazing.

So when my mom brought this to the car, i was tired and grumpy, she said "trust me" i did, and it was fabulous. i have no clue why i doubted the wonderfulness in that einstein's tub.

Entering Nashville.... i could have peed. actually i did a little ;) That's when i really started freaking.

I know i'm close when i see Milo's at a gas station.

Blogging in the bus. I am SO tired! Love Love!!


Thanks for letting me know whats on your mind! I love to hear it! :)

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